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Winton is one of the most amazing people I know...he understands the importance of sequential marketing, integrated and strategic marketing...and, more importantly, he understands the myths, the fallacies, the mistakes and the oversights that most people in any field make.


Excellent speaker, in-depth, entertaining, definitely want back next year.


New York Event

Gotham City Networking
& Strategies For Growth Present

Winton Churchill

Churchill Method, Inc.

“Optimizing Business Growth: How To
Find Quality Leads, Grow Your Revenue,
And Shorten Your Sales Cycle”

Tuesday, October 23, 2007
6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Friar’s Club
57 East 55th Street
New York, New York 10022


Reservations required:
By telephone: Gil Effron at 800-226-2428
By email: Gil@StrategiesForGrowth.net
$85 per person
(Free for members of Gotham City Networking and their guests)
Wine and cheese follow Winton’s hour-long talk
Who Should Attend…

Business Owners, CEOs, Sales & Marketing Executives With Complex Sales Cycles

What It’s About…

Most business owners, CEOs, and sales and marketing executives continue to be frustrated with their lead generation efforts.

Winton Churchill offers you a better way of looking at the critical mistakes small to mid-sized companies make, and how to develop a strategy and action plan for improving both the quantity and quality of leads while shaving hunks of time off your sales cycle.

You learn how to recognize exactly where your challenges are in your sales cycle, and how to remedy them.

And you discover where you can adjust your strategy and tactics to help you develop a process that is both proprietary, and devastatingly effective.

What It Covers…

  • How to analyze your sales cycle for critical inefficiencies

  • 3 Keys To Improving The Quality Of Your Leads

  • 3 little-known conversion tactics that turn leads into revenue

  • The 1 mistake that dooms most lead generation to anemic results

  • 2 Unconventional Ways To Shorten Your Sales Cycle

You Need This Information If…

  • Your sales team complains about bad lead quality.

  • You don’t see the growth in your business that your competitors are enjoying.

  • Your sales people spend too much time scraping up prospects because your lead generation process doesn’t keep them busy enough.

  • Your sales people are swamped with leads but don’t seem to close them.

  • You have a complex offering that requires an amount of education and analysis to buy.

  • New sales people have a very tough time getting on a good sales track.

  • There are prospects in your sales funnel that you know will never buy from you.

  • The lead programs that marketing provides are not “appreciated” by the sales team.

Before You Arrive…

Review your sales last month and determine which ones came from your lead generation efforts. Then ask yourself if that is good enough for you to be competitive in an expanding economy.

For Additional Information…

Contact Gil Effron
Strategies For Growth
305 Madison Avenue, Suite 339
New York, NY 10165
By phone: 800-226-2428
By email: Gil@StrategiesForGrowth.net



Have Winton speak to your organization, group, company or sales team. Send and email to: info (@) churchillmethod(dot)com






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