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If you find yourself struggling and...


Not happy with the results of your lead generation...

Frustrated with a sluggish complex sales cycle...

Spending more on bringing business in than you think you should...

Concerned about the effectiveness of your marketing materials...

Wondering why your sales team doesn’t produce more...


Services Summary (scroll down for detail)

Advisory 1 12 Week Phone Coaching Program  
Advisory 2

Comprehensive Direct Business Growth System
Design Incuding Thorough Content Development Plan

Advisory 3 Complete Turnkey Direct/Email-based, Business Growth System with Comprehensive Content Development  
Advisory 4 Comprehensive, Retainer-based Consulting Assignment  


Advisory1—Coaching You On Designing And Implementing Your Own (In-house), Business Growth System Including Content Creation Strategies


12 Week Telephone Business Growth Coaching Intensive

In a nutshell: Twelve 1 hour, one-on-one, telephone coaching sessions for you (and/or your staff) in how to put together an effective business growth system with the associated content that will drive your clients to your doorstep. Also includes 5 editorial critiques of either your outbound message or educational tools such as a white paper or report. Includes specific, actionable recommendations.

Who this works best for: You want to do more automated ways of attracting business.  You also want to learn to educate your prospects with compelling content and educational materials. You want to take your web, direct mail and email to the next level and want to bring your staff up to speed on the process. You have staff or consulting resources to write copy and do the small amount of web work to set up a response site. (Our content services can supplement your efforts for an additional fee...price quotes on request.)

Service includes:  Twelve one hour phone consultations/meetings, customized execution plan, analysis on your creative execution, 5 editorial critiques of your materials, and a variety of check lists, recommended suppliers and ad hoc recommendations.

Duration: From project start this program usually runs 12 weeks. That time frame can be shortened or lengthened to accommodate your schedule.

Advisory2 — Comprehensive Direct Business Growth System Design Including Thorough Content Development Plan

1 Day, Live Intensive with 3 Follow-up Telephone Sessions

In a nutshell
: We spend the day with you and up to 5 of your team members in Los Angeles.  We map out a complete business growth system strategy, develop content themes, prepare specific outlines and give you a comprehensive blueprint for putting your own system together.

We have found that a week or two of reflection on our process usually produces some additional insights. We provide that feedback in our three, one hour follow-up telephone sessions usually over the following 2-3 months.

Who this works best for:  You have a staff that can execute a well-developed plan...but you need the plan. You need to learn specifically what content will do the best job of bringing in new business and provide the educational materials your prospects need to dramatically increase the likelihood they will do business with you. You are eager to get going and can "project manage" the process on your own with a detailed plan.

Service includes: 7 hour session in Los Angeles, transcripts of session, various planning documents and 16 one-hour telephone sessions to transfer process, answer questions, or provide additional insight following our intensive.

Note: After the Advisory2 service some clients may want to have Churchill Method, complete the implementation of all or part of the system. We will apply 50% of the full amount paid for the Advisory2 service as a credit if you decide to purchase the turn-key, Advisory3 option.



Advisory3—Complete Turnkey Direct/Email-based, Business Growth System with Comprehensive Content Development


In a nutshell: We develop the entire system for you. It includes developing all of your content including your direct mail/email creative messages, building a rapport sequence, developing an educational report, white paper or interview that predisposes suspects towards your offering.  We then help select the lists, design a testing protocol to determine what the best lists are and evaluate the results.  In addition, help you integrate content with your SEO protocols.

Who this works best for:  You want the fastest path to productive leads and revenue growth. You probably want to bring the system in-house (although that is not required) but want to get your sales team more productive more quickly.

Service includes:

Outbound Creative:
         Rapport Sequence
         ● List Select
         Interviews to distill messages
         ● Write final outbound

Document Creative:
         Develop document strategy
         Search topic and competitive alternatives
         Draft document
         Edit document
         Layout white paper/report

Interaction Creative:
          Research potential widgets
          Draft 2 widgets
          Edit 2 Widgets
          Install autoresponse system

List Selection:
          Collect target prospect data
          Identify multiple lists
           Narrow to 3-5
          Prepare test strategy, coding

Response web:
          Setup Website
          Domain selection/registration
          Autoresponder System
          Landing pages & coding (3)
          Download page
          PDF & Link Document
          Personalization capability
          800# setup
          Stats capability

Telemarketing Follow-up:
          Script Preparation
          Engagement coaching

 Duration: From project start, initial testing occurs usually within 45 to 90 days and the complete system is implemented within 120 to 150 days.


Advisory 4—Comprehensive, Retainer-based Consulting Assignment


3 Month, 6 Month, 12 Month


In a nutshell
: Apply Churchill Method to analyze and diagnose best targets of opportunity. Then assist and coach your team with an up-level of your current marketing and sales process.

Activities could include:

On-site analysis
● Strategic planning
● Development of content outline
● Coaching on copy development
● Materials critiques and recommendations
● Weekly conference call
Interaction or management of  your marketing vendors
● Search Engine Optimization
● Marketing Consulting Services
● Business Consulting Services
● Search Engine Marketing
● Search Engine Optimization
● Pay Per Click Advertising
● Integrated Marketing Services
● Interactive Marketing Services
● Advertising
● Public Relations
● Web Marketing
● Brochure and Print Design
● Web Development
ROI and Conversion Tracking

Who this works best for: You want major changes to your overall process...maybe you want to do more with your website, improve the responsiveness of your direct mail and/or email and/or want to shorten your sales cycle.  This approach also helps to train your team in the new processes.


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