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Winton is one of the most amazing people I know...he understands the importance of sequential marketing, integrated and strategic marketing...and, more importantly, he understands the myths, the fallacies, the mistakes and the oversights that most people in any field make.
Jay Abraham CEO
The Abraham Group

Excellent speaker, in-depth, entertaining, definitely want back
next year.


Brian Turchin, President, Long Island
Software CEO Roundtable





  They what?  

You’ve got done your search engine optimization...

Traffic is streaming to your site in droves...

Now what?

If you have a complex sales cycle you’ve only won about 20% of the battle...

...getting an interested party to your site.

The difference between that prospect becoming a client vs. a “click away” depends on what you “say” next.

Sadly, this is where most SEO efforts fail when it comes to complex sales!

Yes, the “what you say” and “how you say it” part of the equation are not enticing enough to keep your prospect interested.

And all that money you invested to increase your search engine traffic (either organic or PPC) is going up in smoke...

...because you don’t have a long term rapport strategy for getting browsers interested and turning browsers into buyers...

But there is hope...

Just as you can engineer a search engine optimization, there is a specific process that can make you content so attractive that your browsers stick...

...and convert to buyers.

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